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Company Background
The Exclusive Brandy Club has been in operation since the beginning of 1990, with the desire to be known as the premier supplier of quality brandy in the UK market place.

We feel that we have accomplished our aim, by sourcing and importing only the best of products, with the prime region of our imports being from the small to medium sized Cognac and Armagnac houses.

All the lines we carry are tested as to the aroma, taste and any after effects that could be experienced, and so should leave a warm glow, and oil in the mouth for a good while after drinking.

Antony Rohtla
Antony has also shown his great interest in brandy since the early 1980's, and has also taken a tasting course in Cognac at the 'University of Spirits' in Segonzac.

Since joining Richard in The Exclusive Brandy Club, he has been been of great assistance in the marketing of the club, and is very active in the shows and exhibitions that the club has taken part in.

Richard Rohtla
Richard has been interested in the world of brandy since 1980, and has taken a tasting course in Cognac at the 'University of Spirits' in Segonzac, the heart of the Grande Champagne region.

t was decided by Richard that he would form The Exclusive Brandy Club, when he could not find the large selection of Brandy on the shelves of wine merchants in this country that he was looking for. So began the direct importation of Brandy from the small to medium sized producers, who have the desire to produce a quality product by giving it their personal care and attention.