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Most people describe Cognac as the ultimate in terms of Brandy production, with a process of double distillation for the wine bringing about a spirit that can be both refined and fiery at the same time.

The six noted growth regions in the Cognac area have their own particular soil conditions which affect the final product, and we are pleased to be able to supply some of the best single growth Cognacs availiable, along with a number of very well blended offerings.

The range of Cognacs we are able to supply, lean heavily towards the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, only because these can give such a wonderful rounded aroma and taste as they reach the higher age range.

Noted as the oldest of the French Brandies, Armagnac can trace its history back to the early 15th century and was first used and a medicine by the Moors who invaded the land who reputed it to be a cure all for the illnesses of the day.

Armagnac has suffered against the better-known Cognac, but this changed in the early 18th century when the continuous still came onto the market. This process of distillation aided the more fruity flavors to be retained in the final spirit, providing us with a well rounded out product in both its aroma and taste on the palate.

This is one of the noblest ways in which a wine can be distilled, and shows the true character of a Brandy in its development from a rustic spirit, to one of the most highly regarded spirits of the day.

We offer a selection of the best from the region, which includes a large number of very fine vintages, all of which engender the spirit of France.

Calvados has always seemed to occupy the position of a poor relation in the world of Brandy, but the top end of the spirit has always gained great respect in France from the connoisseur, and has a place on the brandy list in many of the finest restaurants in the country.

Our range comes from those distillers who have aimed to provide a product that has a fine aroma of apple and has the taste of apple from which they are derived on the palate, but has none of the fiery aftereffect that many have come to associate with Calvados. We offer a good selection of Calvados, particularly strong in the Pays D'Auge region, noted as been the finest area for apple production in Northern France for distillation purposes.

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